Rules & Banned List

Pauper is a competitive constructed format played with cards that have only been printed at common. Despite this restriction, Pauper decks enjoy a high level of power, while still being an affordable eternal format.

Deck Construction

Decks must be at least 60 cards. Decks may be larger than 60 cards, however, they must be of a size that can reasonably be shuffled and handled at a tournament. An up-to 15-card sideboard is also allowed.

Card Pool

All tournament-legal Magic cards are allowed if they have at least one printing at common in any Paper or Magic Online-only product, set release or printing. Check Gatherer for confirmation on a card’s printed rarity. Cards on the banlist below are not allowed to be used in your deck.

Example Online or Paper Only Commons

We allow cards printed at common, regardless of whether that card saw a paper common release. Likewise, we also allow cards printed at common that may not be available online.

For example, Battle Screech was printed at common in Vintage Masters, a Magic Online-only set. It is legal for Pauper, even though its only paper release was as an uncommon.

Likewise, Custodi Squire was printed at common in Conspiracy and has not been released on Magic Online. It is also legal for Pauper.

Banned List

We follow the Card Kingdom Pauper banned list. This current ban list is:

New Cards and Editions

All new Magic expansions become legal for Pauper on the set or product’s release date, like most other formats.